Time to Read Tuesday

It’s a four-day week – who can complain? Here’s what arrived in the post for me earlier this week… Looks like my weekend reading is sorted!


I’d been wanting Joanna Thornhill’s Home for Now, because my husband and I rent the place we live in, and I have always struggled with feeling at home in a rented flat. Most landlords are pretty strict on what you can change in their property, although I seem to get the impression that in the USA you can redecorate as your wish! Our landlady is the loveliest person I have ever rented from, and she has kindly given us free reign to put up wall hangings, add+remove furniture, and basically do whatever we want, as long as the flat looks like what it was when we eventually move out. Home for Now is a collection of ideas on how to transform your temporary home into something cosy, with your personality written all over your living space. Sounds good to me!

And of course, I couldn’t resist adding Will Taylor’s Bright Bazaar, and Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring’s Decorate with Flowers, as I was checking out on Amazon.co.uk. Oops. At least you can look forward to lots of ideas from me now!

Visit the blogs of the authors at Bright Bazaar (Will Taylor), decor8 (Holly Becker), a creative mint (Leslie Shewring), & the self-named Joanna Hill. Copyright of books and their contents belong to the authors and publishers.


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