Chelsea Flower Show Series: Decorating with Flowers

It’s our final Chelsea Flower Show series post of the week! It’s been great fun, we hope you’ve liked it too.
Today, Rachel Wardley from Tallulah Rose Flower School is going to show us how you can very simply and easily create a floral centrepiece for your home. We love the rustic look (it’s flea market season, everyone! More on that soon…), and this DIY is exactly what we needed for a quick Bank Holiday craft!

Rustic Crate of Wild Flowers


1. Take an old wooden crate, or similar wooden box. You can go to a local DIY store and get them to cut planks of wood which you can nail together for a quick box; alternatively, you can use a wooden planter as the base. You just need to be able to put containers inside!


2. Once you’ve got your box, cut down small black buckets to fit snugly into the crate, and fill the buckets with water.
3. Cover the buckets with a piece of chicken wire, tucking the edges down into the crate so you don’t have any sharp edges.


4. Using a flat moss take small handful and poke it into the open side of your crate. Continue around the crate front, back and sides!


5. Start by forming your shape with foliage. Using two or three different types of foliage adds interest to your arrangement. Once you’re happy with your initial shape, and don’t worry if this takes some time, it’s important that your base shape is well balanced before you start adding your flowers.
6. Start adding your flowers, we chose the Gelder Rose to give us a soft silhouette.
7. Continue to add your flowers making sure that you include both taller and shorter stems throughout your arrangement. The overall feel wants to be that of a natural flower meadow!


8. To ensure that your arrangement doesn’t look too regimented, make sure you vary the height of your flowers from the back through to the front.
9. Don’t place all your flowers at the back of your arrangement and all the short ones at the front, mix it up!
10. There you have it, a rustic crate full of meadow flowers to brighten up your home!


We were so pleased when we discovered Tallulah Rose Flower School. The school is situated in the beautiful City of Bath, and has been around for about 5 years. It is the UK’s only dedicated professional flower school – a great place to start if you are considering a career in floristry.

Rachel Wardley. Pic Darren Jack.

Rachel Wardley is the owner and creative inspiration behind Tallulah Rose. There’re many talents to this lady, and very little creative experiences she has not had: she’s moved from corporate roles in shop floor management and buying, to training with Jane Packer and owning her own floral boutique.


Her passion for professional floral training lies in her experience of not feeling equipped enough to manage her own business, despite developing well creatively. Thus Tallulah Rose was born, to provide career training for would-be florists.

The career course includes a business week, covering everything from banking to choosing an accountant, to business plan writing and branding. We love that Tallulah Rose is so open to collaboration, even including talks by expert flower blogger Rona Wheeldon (have you been following her RHS tweets? They’re great!), so students come away from the course knowing how to use social media for business (we know we would benefit from such training!).

student work



If you have been inspired by all the floral businesses we have featured this week, and think you might want to learn more about what the industry has to offer, or turn your flower love into a floristry skill, Tallulah Rose might be the place for you. The school offers free taster days so you can sneak a peek at what student life there could be like. The next one is on 31st May. More details below.

What were your favourite parts of the Chelsea Flower Show? Are you already at Tallulah Rose or starting soon? We want to hear your stories!

Thanks for sharing this great how-to with us, Rachel!

Tallulah Rose Flower School

First Floor, 28 Milsom Street, Bath, BA1 1DG

01225 425998

Photos courtesy of Tallulah Rose Flower School


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