Must-Try Monday: Five Favourite DIYs


It’s a bank holiday! Woohoo. We have spent the evening watching Salvage Hunters and browsing our favourite websites… Great not feeling the usual Sunday night rush to get to bed! If you haven’t made any plans for tomorrow, we’re here to help with a round up of our favourite DIY How-Tos. Enjoy!

Image1. Repurpose an old cigar box into a pretty, floral jewellery box with Lobster & Swan


2. Splatter away with modern confetti holders by Photowall


3. More confetti fun – this time in bed! with Poppy Talk

Image4. Make a gorgeous Kindle/iPad holder at Take Courage


5. Hang up your posters and prints with quirky wall hangers thanks to The Lovely Drawer

Let us know if you try of these projects! Tweet @couragedash, or Instagram @courageanddash

All images copyright of the owners of blogs that they are linked to


2 thoughts on “Must-Try Monday: Five Favourite DIYs

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