Saturday Morning DIY: Easy Lampshade Revamp

We are back with a DIY from Sarah, our DIY superstar. Sarah has come up with a very simple and clever way to rework a lampshade for that summer look. We have been slightly flower-obsessed here, but it’s just that they are really such an easy win for making your home look magazine glossy. We promise that we have plenty more in store, though, flowers aside.

Today, however, Sarah’s quick and fun craft uses bright flowers to add some zing to an old lampshade. Once you have all the bits you need, she promises it only takes about an hour and a half. Have fun!



What you need:

  • Fake flowers – 6-8 bunches
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Craft super Glue – you need one that is quite thick and fast setting
  • 1 lampshade and lamp stand


Step 1: Cut the flower heads from the stems leaving about 1cm of plastic. If they are fabric backed flower heads you can cut this step, as you don’t need the plastic backs. You might want to count how many you have at this stage.

Step 2: Mark with a pencil where you are going to place each flower to make sure they are spaced evenly.



Step 3: Then make a little hole with scissors so that you can poke the flower stems through. Secure them with superglue by placing a small amount on around the flower stem. If your flowers are fabric you will not need to make a hole, but just stick each one firmly where you have made a mark.



Step 4: Finished! Now you have a lovely ‘new’ lampshade that would be great for outdoors dining, or by your bedside. Go put it somewhere pretty, and enjoy your weekend! – Sarah

Light bulbs can get pretty hot, so we recommend that you use your lampshade with energy saving bulbs, or use materials that are glowing wire fire safe. Or don’t have your lamp on all hours of the day; that will save energy too!


2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning DIY: Easy Lampshade Revamp

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