Fantastic Friday: Makegood Festival

Ok. If you weren’t at the Makegood Festival on the Saturday just gone, WHERE WERE YOU?? You’d better have been doing something wildly exciting to justify missing out. It was SO. GOOD.

mainMakgegood Festival at the old Selfridges Hotel

Makegood Festival is the platform for students of the School for Creative Startups to put into practise all they’ve learned about managing their creative business and selling their products. It’s a normal retail fair, but held in the cool old Selfridges hotel site (which has been gutted and lined up for demolition, so a very cool venue), and showcasing the newest and latest creative ventures. The reason we love it so, at the risk of overhyping it, is because the festival had such a range of high quality stalls. Plus it had the buzz of a university freshman week fair (can anyone remember what those felt like? We got quite nostalgic).

fuggleMrs McGettrick’s Fuggler Emporium

Some more established fairs risk feeling samey and predictable after time, but not the Makegood Festival, simply because by definition every Makegood is a display if new creative start ups, i.e. cutting edge, novel businesses.

We were so glad we went and met with such lovely designer-maker-entrepreneurs. It was tough to pick our favourites as there were so many at you would have loved, but we tried, so here are top finds.

1) Ink Bandit (where have you been all my life??)




2) Pomp Pomp (children’s party supplies – look at the yummy cupcakes)




3) Fanciful Pages (beautiful stationery, beautiful packaging, beautiful everything…)




4) Betty Etiquette (purveyor of cards, text, paper… quick fix of stationery goodness, I could go on…)




5) Suitcase Susie (global travel inspired porcelain range; delicate and stylish)




6) Salt and Buoy (Cornwall/coastal-living inspired soft furnishings; look at those colours!)



Sorry to stop at a bit of a non-rounded number, but we couldn’t choose! So here are our top 6. Some of them will be making a reappearance on Courage & Dash, so stay tuned…

Also, well done all of you at the Makegood, we were SO IMPRESSED!!!

Images by Josie (Courage & Dash)


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