Real Homes: At Home With… Emily Quinton

I had the chance to meet the lovely Emily Quinton – mother, blogger, crafter, business owner, photographer, wife (in no particular order). I’m beginning to realise that I’ve been incredibly fortunate to meet so many talented women who seem able to juggle all these demands on their time and energy! But that’s for another post.

emilyquinton 053

Emily is best known for her blog, Makelight (previously The Startup Wife), through which she shares her loves, life, and thoughts. Her photos are beautiful (she used to be a photographer), and my favourite has to be the Floral Friday Competition (you post photos of flowers on instagram tagged #floralfridaycompetition and she selects a winner), which features tons of beautiful and creative floral images (e.g. here).

FloralFridayJune 48 FloralFridayJune 50

Photos by @supergolden88 (left) and @bibliophile90 (right) via Makelight

We wanted to show you what Emily’s home was like, and how a creative mind like hers styles her living space. As you would expect, it’s full of colour, and life, and quirky accents. What we love the most though, is how liveable and lived in her space is. While we LOVE styled shoots, and the rooms on magazine covers, we groan at the thought of how life would almost ruin those scenes (for example, where do all the wires involved in a modern room go in the photos?? If my room looked like a magazine cover, I would never be able to use an electrical appliance…). Enjoy!


EmilyQuinton 1emilyquinton 004EmilyQuinton 2

Living Space

emilyquinton 010emilyquinton 003emilyquinton 062emilyquinton 036imageimage-2image-1emilyquinton 022

Cooking/Baking/Eating Space

emilyquinton 035emilyquinton 020

Children’s Space

emilyquinton 047emilyquinton 043emilyquinton 002emilyquinton 067emilyquinton 041emilyquinton 044emilyquinton 045

Resting/Creating Space

emilyquinton 050emilyquinton 052emilyquinton 053emilyquinton 054emilyquinton 055emilyquinton 046emilyquinton 057emilyquinton 058emilyquinton 049emilyquinton 017emilyquinton 064emilyquinton 065EmilyQuinton 5


PS: Little secret… Emily’s home is actually rented! Isn’t that great?

Thank you for showing us around, Emily!

See what else Emily is up to at


All images by Emily Quinton


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