Exciting news + a pretty DIY!

Hello there! We’ve got all kinds of bits and bobs of exciting things going on at Courage & Dash HQ… The most exciting of which we are announcing today!

We think that DIY and styling are quick+simple ways of making your home special, so we were delighted when Renay Howey who runs Pretty Much Design, a wedding and events styling company, agreed to be a regular DIY contributer! Renay’s incredibly talented and lovely and a real go-getter, and she’s got a pretty awesome story, but we’ll leave that for another time (btw, Sarah our crafts editor is still here but busy with various things)…

Without further ado, here’s Renay’s first tutorial with this gorgeous glitter tote!


If you are anything like myself, you cannot possibly have enough totes in your life. I originally got the idea for this little project while designing some totes for a bridal client that wanted an inexpensive but cute way of giving her out-of-town wedding guests a welcome gift. I thought to myself how easy it would be to create some totes with iron-on transfer film. I love that you can get the film in so many colors including gold glitter, and personally, I don’t think you can ever have too much glitter in your life! These totes are perfect for just about anything. They make a great bag to carry your library books, produce from the market, beauty supplies for your wedding day, or even use as a purse.


You will need:

*A canvas tote bag

*Iron-on transfer paper (I have used Cricut brand in gold glitter)

*A template preferably on cardstock

*Sharp craft knife

*Cutting Pad



*Templates for text: Oh So Pretty, Book Worm, Market FreshMrs, The Best Day Ever

Step One:

First you will need to print your template. If you would rather, you can certainly create your own template, just be sure that your letters and shapes are thick enough that they won’t be flimsy when you cut them out.




Step Two:

Using a sharp craft knife, cut out your template to create a stencil. Do this carefully and slowly so that your lines are smooth. If any areas are enclosed like the inside of an “e” or a “p”, you will want to cut them out separately. Don’t loose the enclosed area because you will need it during the next step.


Step Three:

Flip your template over so that you have a mirror image and trace it onto the iron-on transfer film. You will want to trace it onto the bottom side of the film that will be against the canvas. Trace it on the bottom side so that any marks you make will not show on the final piece. Don’t forget to trace the inside sections of letters that you saved from the last step.


Step Four:

This step could vary slightly according to the brand of transfer film you are using. You will now cut your transfer film along the lines. With the Cricut brand that I am using, there is a plastic sheet attached to the top of the transfer film on the side that will be visible in the final piece. You barely need any pressure to cut through the actual transfer film, but you will want to be careful that you do not cut through the plastic sheet. The plastic sheet makes it much easier to line up all or your letters in the next steps. When you are done making your cuts, you can remove the negative space surrounding your design. Don’t forget to remove the enclosed areas as well. You should be left with only the iron-on film that will make up your final design.


Step Five:

Iron your design onto your bag according to the directions of your iron-on transfer film. The Cricut brand that I have, tells me to first warm the canvas with the iron, then place the design where you would like it. At this point the design should look exactly how you want it to look (face up so that you can read it). Iron over the design for 15-20 seconds, then, iron over the backside of the design for 15-20 seconds. I found this step to have a bit of a bad smell so don’t be alarmed if you notice that as well. When you feel the design has adhered to your canvas, you can slowly remove the plastic sheet. If any part of the design does not stick to the canvas and pulls up with the plastic sheet instead, simply lay it back down and iron over it again on the front and back sides.


Hooray! You are finished. Now you have an adorable little tote that you can use to carry just about anything. This project seriously has an endless amount of different designs that you could do. Try using different colored totes or transfer film, or even experiment with different designs. I’d love to see what you come up with. If you aren’t quite ready to make this easy project yourself, hop on over to my little Etsy shop where you can grab one that is already made, or get one customised. Thank you so much for letting me share such a fun project with you!



Thanks so much Renay! Do share your projects with us on Instagram, @courageanddash or @HelloPrettyMuch.

For more Pretty Much Design goodness, visit:


Images: Renay Howey


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