Best kept papercutting secret… Part I

Papercutting has got to be one of the best forms of art out there. What a clever thing, to create such intricate patterns and images with just a sheet of paper and knife!

Stephanie Hosmer hard at work creating papercutting art on a large scale + on acrylic (image: Miss Papercut)

We’re taking a look at two of our favourite papercutting artists, over two posts. We  were SO PLEASED to discover the both of them, because while we love Rob Ryan, we were desperate to find new artists, given that his work seems to be everywhere now (not a bad thing)!

First up, Miss Papercut (aka Stephanie Hosmer), whom we found at the Makegood Festival recently, after walking by her gorgeous Londoner quote on acrylic. We just had to take a photo of it!

london papercut
Image: Courage & Dash

That would look so cool as a feature piece on your wall, no? We’ve got a couple of papercut artwork on our walls – one from a Chinese artist (China is the art orginated from), and one from Mr Rob.

Here are some of our favourite pieces from Miss Papercut…


Stephanie has been freelance illustrator for about 8 years now after finishing a BA Hons illustration degree at the University of Brighton, and is now based in a little village in Kent. She lives in a converted chapel with a little mezzanine studio, which you can visit by appointment if you would like to talk through a commission!


We love Stephanie’s work – so delicate, modern, fun. Great if you want to hang new and unique art on your walls!

More next time… (and a clever DIY tutorial from Miss Papercut!)

Visit Miss Papercut at


Images: Stephanie Hosmer (Miss Papercut)


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