The Curious Shop: On the Road with… Little Yellow Typewriter

A while ago, we discovered Zack & Laura’s gorgeous little store, Little Yellow Typewriter. We were instantly curious about them, because Little Yellow Typewriter (LYT) is a quirky interiors+antiques shop run out of a trailer!

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Zack & Laura found each other in Los Angles, California – Zack having grown up in Wisconsin, and Laura in Arkansas – and bonded over their mutual love for vintage finds. We caught up with them to find out how they make the most of their little trailer space, and also to have a little poke around LYT. Enjoy!


Although I feel our aesthetic is pretty consistent, it is constantly evolving and therefore a little hard to label. We curate mostly based on what we like and what we think will bring a smile to someone’s face. So our little mobile boutique tends to be filled with nostalgia and kitsch. The catch is that at least one of has to love it and we fully utilize the power of veto the same way we would when decorating our own home.

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We don’t believe in having things just to fill up space; we would rather our walls be bare until we find something we both adore. Laura specializes in “cute with a pop of color” and I am intrinsically drawn to beat up wood and rusty metal. My must have items work nicely to break up the color in our display, but her eye is what draws people into our booth in the first place. So it’s a pretty fateful blending of styles.

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The items that we are always looking for, that we have found to be fundamental in decorating our small trailer, are cigar boxes, old suitcases or trunks, crates, and metal bins or baskets. Because not only are they pieces of art in their own right, but they are functional. We use the cigar boxes or vintage books for stacking on the shelves and creating different levels which also allows us the opportunity to layer the shelves fully utilizing the background and foreground.

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The suitcases and trunks look great in a pile in the corner of our trailer and allow for storage of overflow inventory, basically the same way we utilize them in our home filling them Christmas decorations and winter clothes. We also love old toolboxes because they bring interest to a shelf and can filled with items that otherwise might end up in a drawer. Painting or craft supplies, a matchbook collection, etc.

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Although we love the well made furniture of days gone by, we are fairly limited with what we can display and also fit through the small door of our trailer. So we look for nightstands and chairs, smaller tables and anything we can give a new purpose to. Sometimes that means simlply reupholstering the seat of a chair, maybe a fresh, more contemporary coat of paint or replacing the rotted out wood on top of an old typewriter cart.

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Thanks so much, Zack & Laura for sharing your beautiful and inspiring travelling store with us! We’ve loved it so, hope you have too.


For more adventures of Little Yellow Typewriter, do visit


Images: Ishani Gowri via Little Yellow Typewriter


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