Best kept papercutting secret… Part II


Hello! Thanks for stopping by, hope your week is coming along nicely! We’re back again with our next favourite papercutting artist… Ant Design! We love the quotes on both her print and papercut designs, which are great for marking special occasions with..


Kashmira Jhaveri is the creative mind behind Ant Design. Growing up in Hong Kong, she was influenced by the art of Chinese paper cutting. Although she spent years in the hospitality and catering business, Kashmira knew that her passions lay with designing and creating, and so when she moved to London and started a family, took the chance to train in graphic design.

Personalised wedding gift papercutVows5sisters

These beautiful paper cuts are excellent commemorative pieces – for weddings, births, birthdays… our favourite has got to be the above on that sisters are the perfect best friend! So true.


For more Ant Design, visit


Images: Ant Design


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