Stylephiles: 3 Tips for Displaying Your Books

We had a terrible case of the Monday Blues today 😦 But what really cheered us up were these beautiful photos by Merve Bayar of @bibliophie90. We found Merve as we were featuring Emily Quinton’s home, and thought we’d share our top tips on displaying your book collection, and get Merve to show you  what it looks like in practice. You can use these tips on a coffee table or your desk or wherever you have piles of books…


If your home is anything like Courage & Dash HQ, it will feature stacks upon book shelves upon stacks of books. There’s very little better than the smell and feel of a good old book (we love the Kindle too, but the book… ahhhh…)!

So, Tip 1) While it might make sense to alphabetise or use the Dewey Decimal System for organising your books, when displaying them, you might want to group them according to colour. Do you have a colour of the moment? Or some flowers that you already have on show? Those are good starting points to get your first group of books going. Merve had some lovely pink roses, and she thought a minty green would be perfect with the roses.


Tip 2) Think of clever ways to blend the books with the flowers – rose bookmark? Why not! Book stack with flowers interspersed? Sure! Feel free to use individual stems, or clusters of flowers. You can go for a casual yet elegant look by pairing blooms with your favourite texts. Pair colours or go for a myriad of shades. It will look like you’ve been out reading under a tree and picked some flowers on the way in!


Tip 3) Add stems in containers – use jam jars, bud vases, tea cups, etc. – glass tends to add a touch of glamour. Steer yourself away from the comfort of the vase – if you want some inspiration, take a look at a guest post we did here where we shared some ideas on styling flowers with everyday containers.



There you have it, a stylishly arranged desk or coffee table, showing off pretty colours and flowers that will brighten up your room!

Thanks Merve – for more of her beautiful pictures, visit her on instagram @bibliophile90.


Images: Merve Bayar


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