Meet Mleko: Eye-candy for your walls!

Hello and happy Monday! Don’t worry if you have the Monday blues – before you know it, Friday will be here! We are so glad the weather has calmed down and is decidedly cooler, although we were in Brighton just the other day (as was the whole of London) and adored the sunshine.

Today we bring you one of our favourite print artists, Mleko. If you are wondering what to adorn your walls with, or are still trying to figure out how to add colour to your home this summer, look no further…

100% cat person 2-05

Mleko is the brainchild of London-based artist, Ania Newland, whose bright and quirky personality is no doubt infused in her work. The  colour and sense of fun is incredibly energetic – we love the jewel tones and humour of the cat person print below!

100% cat person 2-06

One thing we love about Mleko is the mix of grown up contemporary and playful kawaii (Japanese for cute, the only way we can think to describe some of the prints). Find different prints for different rooms – monochrome geometrics for the study or hallway, and funky, neon-colours shapes and characters for the bedrooms or kitchen.

blog-01 blog-02

Look at this dog below on the skateboard? Can just feel the Monday blues melting away (and really want to eat some fairy sticks or fizzy sherbert now…) to be replaced by the feel of glowing sunshine and a spring in my step (or a skateboard under my feet).

dog 2 blog-03 blog-05 blog-09

Mleko prints are designed and produced by Ania in her little, creative studio based in West London. Using museum grade papers and archival, fade resistant inks, she creates giclée images that are boldly coloured, rich in texture and tones. If well taken care off, they can last about 75 years, Mleko says!

blog2-05   egg-06 foxy1jpg  knife &  fork -05 vividity

Ahhh, so fun. Aren’t they delicious to look at? We just also love how Ania has styled the prints with the background and accessories. You can have Mleko prints on your wall, or leaning against the wall, propped on a table or shelf. Instant trendiness.

We can’t wait to get our hands on a couple of them! They most certainly put a grin on our faces. Which is your favourite? Where do you think you might display your Mleko print?

For more Mleko goodness, visit


Images: Ania Newland (Mleko)


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