Favourite Find: The Foodie Bugle

One of the things we would love to do (if the day job wasn’t 12-15hrs/day!) is to spend more time in the kitchen – baking, cooking, experimenting, making… We’ve always thought that it would be brilliant to live in the countryside, go on many long foraging walks, then return home with all the ingredients for delicious, refuelling food. The idyllic dreams of urban munchkins!

Given those dreams will remain such for now, it was to our great delight that we discovered The Foodie Bugle. You might be able to recognise our eclectic love of pretty includes elements of the reclaimed and the old; The Foodie Bugle (TFB) is a journal and shop that combines that feel, as it showcases artisans, places, food, drink, books and crafts… Wanderlust-stirring finds.

Foodie Bugle Lookbook (18th May 2013)

TFB is the work of Silvana de Soissons and  John-Paul de Soissons, who have inspiring stories: Silvana spent 10 years in the City trading money market products (very short term debt-type financial instruments – for more, see Investopedia), before moving to an entirely different career in cooking, catering, food writing and styling; John-Paul similarly worked in the City, gathering 27 years of experience in originating (issuing) and structuring leveraged finance transactions (again, Investopedia to the rescue!) for famous names like Pret a Manger. There really is life after the City…! (:

Foodie Bugle Lookbook (18th May 2013)

For now, Silvana and John-Paul are running the Journal and the Shop, with great and exciting plans for a high street shop and kitchen coming soon (we cannot wait). Meanwhile, TFB offers courses (breadmaking, how to set up an online shop) in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside – a great escape from the rush of city life, especially if you dream of rural idyll.

Foodie Bugle Lookbook (18th May 2013) Foodie Bugle Lookbook (18th May 2013) Foodie Bugle Lookbook (18th May 2013)  Foodie Bugle Lookbook (18th May 2013) Foodie Bugle Lookbook (18th May 2013) Foodie Bugle Lookbook (18th May 2013) Foodie Bugle Lookbook (18th May 2013)

Have you bought anything from TFB shop, or attended any of their courses? What is your favourite find in the shop?


For more information and Foodie Bugle treats, visit: http://www.thefoodiebugleshop.com.

Images: Jason Ingram via The Foodie Bugle


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