Decorating with Rifle Paper Co.

If there was one thing we wished we spent more time on in school, it would have been art class. I blame a poorly designed curriculum obsessed with teaching art in a solely classical form with little emphasis on beauty, creativity, possibility, delivered in the most mind-numbing form. Because, really, what else could you want* more than to be able to draw and paint and design like Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. does? (Check out her impromptu Sharpie pen makeshift wallpaper for a tradeshow here.) Given our lack of innate artistic abilities, we have just had to settle for appreciating Anna’s works. Most recently, her wallpaper collection has caught our attention – the wallpapers feature Rifle Paper’s signature whimsical, modern takes on traditional floral patterns. rifle-paper-co-wallpaper We love the gold patterns laid on on gem-hued backgrounds, the bright and intricate motifs on pale, neutral shades. Probably not everyone’s cup of tea to have such busy and detailed wallpaper (and most certainly not recommended for every wall in a room, unless the energising feel/look is what you are going for!), but how classy and stylish on a feature wall, or panel, or back of a cabinet or bookcase? peonies-copper-wallpaper-03_1safari-hunter-wallpaper-03_1rosa-indigo-wallpaper-03queenanne-ebony-wallpaper-03pineapple-indigo-wallpaper-03citiestoile-ebony-wallpaper-03 On a slightly separate point, the attractive styling of the catalogue shots got us curious about the Rifle Paper store across the Atlantic, so we thought we would share a peek into the store… Definitely not disappointed! foyerfrontwindowmeetingroomstorefront So inspiring! Look at those giant scissor-shears, the use of fresh flowers, and display mix of accessories with the stationery. LOVE. Also helps that we are partial to gold and coppery tones… Please come to London! Are you a Rifle Paper Co. fan? Do you have any stationery crushes? How do you display your paper collections? Visit Rifle Paper Co. at   * Of course there are plenty of other things/skills to want (and perhaps to want more) but you have to indulge our love of Rifle Paper Co. and Anna Bond’s playful creations! Images: Anna Bond, @annariflebond, Rifle Paper Co.


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