The Curious Shop: Closet & Botts

Nestled in a row of shop-houses in charming Lewes, East Sussex, is an unassuming homewares shop. From the outside, it looks like an old style sundry store – the name Closet & Botts gives nothing away, apart from making one think of two gentlemen from decades gone peddling finest wares (you know the feel we are describing: “purveyors of” and “finest goods” and “mother knows best”, that type of mid-century feel..!).


Step inside and your initial suspicions will be proved fairly accurate. Closet & Botts is beautifully styled, tastefully mixing reclaimed, vintage pieces with modern items. It’s like walking into someone’s home, and being encouraged to pick out whatever catches your fancy… fun!


Closet & Botts was founded by school friends Chloe Shearing and Harriet Maxwell. Chloe originally worked in a French patisserie in Brighton, whilst Harriet was, unsurprising to us, a display artist for Anthropologie in London! A hint of the Anthro style can be felt throughout the store – the bazaar sense, the use of of merchandise as display (who doesn’t love realising they can buy the cabinet stocking the pretty glassware in the store?), the seamless blend of old and new…

pic2 Picture 003 Picture 004

Chloe and Harriet have a shared love and history for hunting down well-crafted, attractive objects, while dreaming about one day displaying their finds in a shop of their own. It took a particularly inspiring holiday in Paris to convince them to take the plunge: before long, they had both left their jobs, bought a van, and were off around the country and continent hunting down the treasures that they so longed to stock their shop with.

Their dream of opening a shop soon came to be when they discovered an old pharmacy on Lewes High Street. It was what they had been hoping for,  with aged wooden floorboards, disused fireplaces and feature stained glass windows. It even had a beautiful garden through French doors, adding to the feel of wandering through someone’s home, when browsing in the shop.

Picture 005
Picture 006
Picture 008
Picture 009
Picture 010
Picture 011
Picture 012
Picture 014

Closet & Botts will soon be launching a new website and online store  – we cannot wait!

Have you been to the store before? Or visited the pretty town of Lewes?

Closet & Botts
196 High Street

Images: Closet & Botts


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