DIY: Custom iron-on pillowcase

Hello there!

We just got back from an amazing weekend in Lille for the Braderie – it totally lived up to all the comments we read about it on the internet. Salvage galore! If, like us, you love flea market hunting, you should stick the date in your calendar for next year – only 1.5 hours away from London and a beautiful city too. We’ll be back soon with a guide to the Braderie!

By the way, we’ve been nominated for a Best Newcomer blog award, and would love if you could please vote for us! We are only young and would love the encouragement… Vote here!

A quick DIY today, as we revisit our love for gold vinyl… enjoy(:



Things you will need:

Iron on vinyl
Cushion with cushion cover
Printed lettering for chosen word


1) Remove the cushion cover from the cushion


2) Choose word and type into word in chosen font using word art


3) Print lettering on plain paper and check it is the right size for the cushion

4) Make sure you reverse the image of the word!


5) Cut and trace around lettering or copy onto the backside of the vinyl


6) Peel off the protective lining (on the back side of the vinyl)


7) Check the lettering fits nicely onto the cushion


8) Turn lettering the right way around, with the preferred side facing up


9) Place a towel of piece of fabric over the top of the lettering for protection

10) Iron over until the lettering is sealed onto the cushion cover

11) Finished! Now put it somewhere it will look fabulous!


Et voila! The sky is the limit for all the fun texts and pictures you can customise your pillowcases (and other fabrics with)…

Have fun!!xx

Images and instructions: Sarah Stopforth


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