Inspiration: Broody interiors and muted pastels? We like!

How many of you have visited Pottery Barn’s Teen section? Ok, we are CLEARLY too old to be using anything designed and intended for teenagers, but we found plenty to like! Some of the items on the site were too young and preppy for our tastes, but there were also plenty of industrial-inspired furnishings, riviera-style decor, and Southern comfort-type interiors.

Pottery_Barn_Broody_Moodboard*Click to zoom in

Today we draw inspiration from broody greys (yes, those days are shorter… and it’s a while before the clocks go back!), autumnal browns and beiges, and nearly-Christmas golds. I have a massive gold/copper crush at the moment. I know they’ve been around for a while, but man, they look so good!

We liked the use of dusty pinks (found all over the runway at the moment!) and whites to lighten up and balance the deeper colours. And does any one else like that bunny lamp? Too cute!

All of the items can be found at Pottery Barn Teens – check it out!

Images: Pottery Barn Teens,


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