The Curious Shop: Love French markets? Meet Maison Brocante

We’ve been meaning to post all kinds of goodies, from our trip through time in Rome to our weekend salvage-hunting in Lille. And more moodboards. And interviews. And real homes. Ahhh! However, time is zooming by and work is manic, and 24 hours is not enough, so we APOLOGISE for not being able to post as often as we would like to 😦 The aim is still to write interesting, relevant and helpful posts, however. Bear with us!

Today, we bring you one of our favourite Curious Shops, Maison Brocante, an online homewares store featuring French vintage. If you have a thing for French markets, but like me, can’t take the time to travel to the deep south of France where the best ones are (if I didn’t work, I think I’d be gone every week), this could be the answer!

Beautiful images by Ellen Tobin

As the name suggests, Maison Brocante features French vintage/flea market finds. The lovely Nicole Milligan spends her time scouring all corners of France for the best in kitchenalia, furnishings, homewares. So eye-catching are the items she stocks, that Homes & Antiques has featured the shop!


“It was an easy decision to create Maison Brocante,” Nicole tells us. ” I have always loved French markets and I have a passion for beautiful interiors (who doesn’t?!) so it made perfect sense to put the two together.”

“French Brocantes are pretty amazing – there, they are a part of daily life there and quite often an exciting annual event – like a massive treasure hunt where you never know what you are going to get!”


“When you find that special something, it makes all the walking and early starts worth it!”


“French vintage is perfect for injecting a bit of character and personality into the home – I love the quality of an original piece of French enamelware or the stunning look of an original porcelain or ironstone tureen – the variation is endless making these markets pretty addictive,” says Nicole.


Nicole founded Maison Brocante in 2012, with the mission to bring unique and beautiful homeware at affordable prices. Her love of antiques and “old stuff!”, combined with her appreciation for new trends have led to a range that is current, fresh, and filled with that have enduring appeal.

“I just found an amazing French Faience plate with a picture of an old man’s face on it – it’s big and bold and I just love the blue and white colours,” shares Nicole. “Very on trend and very French!”


Maison Brocante will soon be stocking a range of French fabrics, after Nicole returns from sourcing French Linen, Hemp and French Ticking from Provence.

“I am also launching the Maison Brocante blog, whichwill follow my trips to the Brocantes and my latest treasures and projects. I hope it will be an interesting read to those who love all things French or are intrigued by these amazing markets.”


Last we spoke to Nicole, she was about to head back off to the continent on another shopping trip – best job, or what? Do visit the store and let us know what your favourite items are. We would love a whole set of enamel pots and pile of linen, we think!

To keep up with Nicole’s adventures, or to visit the shop, go to Maison Brocante at


Images: Ellen Tobin (via Nicole Milligan)


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