Upcyling with Rigby&Mac

Rigby&Mac has very quickly become my new favourite go to retail business. I’m not sure how I have only heard of them now since the business has been around for over 20 years??

Rigby&Mac has 3 stores, all based in Dulwich: The dulwich trader at No.9 combines country style with a touch of glamour. Tomlinsons at No.89 has a feminine, vintage feel and proves that pale is definitely interesting. Ed at No.41 is a modern and quirky fusion of Scandinavian design and global influences. I love them all! Rigby&Mac is an Annie Sloan stockist, and they also run upcycling classes at another Dulwich staple, the Volcano Coffee Works. Dan Rigby, one of the owners, very kindly invited us to a beginner workshop last weekend, taught by Lucy (store manager and Annie Sloan-trained) and here is what we got up to…!


We learned how to use chalk paint to get various effects (weathered, washed, aged), and learned to gold leaf our work. There was also plenty of cake! The class was relaxed, and I really enjoyed how approachable and patient Lucy was. We also got to take home the wooden boards that we painted on, so we could refer to the notes we made on the backs of them.

If you fancy a relaxing and inspiring workshop to learn the basics of using chalk paint, do join one of Rigby&Mac’s workshops! They cost £95 and include all materials and equipment (and the Volcano Coffee & Cake!).

For more information, visit Rigby&Mac workshop page here.

P.S: Rigby&Mac turn 25th today and we’ll be there! Back with pictures(:


Images: Courage & Dash

(photographs of class taken with permission of participants)


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