Snuggle down with Twig…

Now that the clocks have (finally!) gone back, the dark comes much sooner than before. When I was younger, I used to really dislike shorter days – a weird sense of futility and of things ending before their time would fill me, and I would find myself unable to be enthusiastic about anything (to be fair, I was fairly energised by the thought of coffee with friends, less so by the prospect of a 4.30pm lecture…). Now, however, I love the nights drawing in so much that I almost spend half of early autumn wishing time away.

On that point, I was delighted to discover Twig – not only did I win a ticket to Kirstie Allsop’s Handmade Fair off them, I got to meet founder/owner Sue Lacey at the Fair, and play with the cosy Twig throws. THEY ARE SO SOFT! Mmmm.


Since 2010, textile designer, Susan Lacey has been creating cushions, throws and home accessories for Twig. Sue combines natural fabrics (all of Twig’s products are 100% lambswool, made in the UK) with contemporary design and soft tones, so it really does feel and look like sinking into a cloud (or cotton candy) when you flop down on those cushions or snuggle down into a billowy throw. Perfect for winter.


At the Handmade Fair, we learned from Sue that Twig had been running mainly as a wholesale business, but now, she was taking the leap to becoming a retail, direct to consumer business! Hurrah! Good news for us all.

Follow us on Twitter or Instagram for a 10% discount code on Twig UK (courtesy of Twig)!

Visit Twig at for more inspiration and to get your hands on some cuddly lambswool goodness.


Images: Twig UK


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