Turn down the lights, it’s time to relax…


“‘Twas the night before Christmas…” Wait, not yet!! I got slightly confused today about which day/date it was (it’s the short hours of daylight and the multiple naps I’m having this holiday), and may have had a little panic about those last minute bits+bobs to pick up and cards to write. Thank goodness it’s only 23rd December, but I’m guessing you (esp. if you are a parent!) are already counting down to the festive hustle and bustle winding down.

To be honest, it’s too late now to fret about the undone tasks, so you might as well start relaxing. We mean it! We aren’t going to launch into a sermon about Christmas is a time for family+love, and when did it become so rampantly consumerist+commercial, etc.; Christmas is a really important time to rest and recharge before that new year sticks its head into your life (2015, we can just about see you hurtling towards us!), so rest is what we are indulging in this season.


In that spirit, we thought we’d share one of our current favourite candle vendors – Clement & Claude (C&C). We discovered them through our beloved Closet & Botts, and really liked the amber glass jars+lids that the candles come in (also that cute fox-head logo!). By the way, why are lidded candles are so difficult to find in the UK?? Are our Google search terms just totally incorrect? And why is Illume the only place to go to for candles in cool containers?? Is there nothing in England??

Sorry, digression. We clearly feel quite strongly about the matter! Anyway, Joanna of C&C has come to our rescue with her range of hand poured (in London), 100% soy wax candles.  we’ve currently got Wild Plum going, and before that, she kindly lent us a Citrus Ginger large candle to style and take some photographs with. (Unfortunately, as we were pretty busy with work, we ended up having to take photos at night before needing to return the candle, so please pardon the dodgy lighting…)


These candles are great for giving as gifts (they come in gorgeous kraft boxes, tied in cotton baker’s twine), or for travelling with. We can’t get over the screw-top lids of the jars – sounds silly but it means your candles stay dust free and fragrant for longer, esp. when you aren’t using them so much in the summer. Also it’s easier to travel with them, if like us, you like bringing a little something from home when on the road.

Enjoy your Christmas eve!xx

For more, visit Clement & Claude at http://www.clementandclaude.co.uk/.


Styling/Images by Courage & Dash


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