Thank you so much and here’s to the best new year yet!

It’s our last post before Christmas, and we just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

We started this blog for various reasons – one of them was from a frustration at the lack of creative outlet with busy city lives/jobs, another was the desire to connect with like-minded people who share our love of styling and interiors and vintage and generally beautiful things. We’ve achieved both this year, to some extent, in the 8 months that this li’l space has been around; we know it was only because YOU have taken the time to pop round and include us in your lives. For that, we are ever so grateful and cannot wait to come back in 2015 with more. We know it will be difficult managing our developing careers and investing in this space, but we have enjoyed it so, and plan to prioritise Courage & Dash as far as is possible.

Banners: Betty Etiquette

Here’s wishing you a lovely Christmas holiday, much rest ahead of the new year, and a productive, meaningful, and wondrous 2015.

Lots of love,

Courage & Dash xx



Images: Courage & Dash


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