This Week’s Top 3 DIYs For the Home

Hello and happy new year! It’s already about the middle of January, yikes! We hope your year has been spectacular so far? More likely than not, we imagine, it’s been marked by coping-with-going-back-to-work syndrome (we hear you!).

This year, we are committing to spending more time being inspired, and creating inspiring things/spaces. Life does get in the way too quickly, but there is always time to be made for creative and crafty things! The plan is to style at least one vignette post-work every day, and to attempt one DIY every other week. We’ll let you know how that goes!

Here are our top 3 easy to do DIYs for this week:

1. A Pair & A Spare -We love them. Seriously. WE DIE.

DIY Ladder Shelves


2. Oh So Beautiful Paper – you know we help our stationery gurus, Berinmade, so naturally we would be fans of OSBP! A welcome distraction, always.

Mini Cowhide Coaster


3. The Lovely Drawer – We found them during a rented apartment tour on Apartment Therapy and loved her style straight away! Something for the Spring…

DIY Rope Planter



Images: Respective websites as linked


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