A Wander through Tynemouth Market


Last Christmas, we were back up North for some much needed rest and family time. If you enjoy exploring markets, vintage shops, and antique bookshops, there are quite a few places worth a visit in the North-East; Barter Books, for example, where the famous “Keep Calm and Carry On” (we know, so overused now, zzzz, but the original was a pretty amazing wartime poster) was first discovered, is a beautiful antiques bookshop in an old railway station.

This time, we thought we would visit Tynemouth Market, a covered market in Tynemouth Station. It’s quite a pretty little place, and really handy to get to on the Metro system (it is also very close to the sea). There is a range of stalls, from tasty pies and coconut macaroons, to vintage signs and antique clocks. We had a fun morning rummaging and wandering before a lazy afternoon (feels so long ago now).


Apparently, the sign above was from the Berlin Wall! Would have been a fun sign to hang outside your office door… The lady below loved it and managed to get it for a really good price. Shame there is no space left on our walls…


Benny’s coconut macaroons, freshly baked, are not to be missed… I’m usually more a fan of French macarons, but these were yummy.

If you have a favourite market, please do send them our way (info@courageanddash.co.uk)! Would love to find out about new places for a weekend exploration and write about them here.


Images: Courage & Dash


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