Ribbon Heaven.

Ok – we know V V Rouleaux is the epitome of ribbon fantasy. If you haven’t been to the Marylebone store yet, you must! It’s got every kind of trimming you could possibly want. In fact, they have every type of ribbon you didn’t know you wanted. You could spend hours in there and probably make some reckless, unjustifiable purchases. But it’s ribbon! You can’t be too careful…

Today, however, we are looking at the beautiful Studio Carta by Angela Liguori. Angela is originally from Rome (one of our favourite cities!) and now lives in the Boston area in Massachusetts, USA. She founded Studio Carta, which specialises in fine stationery and custom ribbons imported from Italy – the Italian cotton ribbons are from manufacturers who have been using the same materials and techniques since the 19th century! The selection and quality of Studio Carta’s ribbons are rather exquisite. In addition to her custom ribbons, Angela also collaborates with designers, calligraphers, and printmakers to create original letterpress stationery and other personalised products. Stationery heaven? Oh yes.

47021_558397240848355_1577872372_n_1_1024x1024 studio+carta4 studio+carta2 studio+carta1 slideshow_7 scissors2_89751742-3353-46e6-b4d0-e21fda15383c_1024x1024 scissors_1024x1024 rosso2 red_and_gold_spools_1024x1024 red_and_gold_loose_weave_1024x1024 maybelle+studio+carta13 francobolli cards_and_olivetti_1_1024x1024 braided_ribbon_1024x1024

We can’t get enough of the wooden reels, glittery ribbons, and cosy little store. Did you spot the antique letterpress machines? So lovely! If there’s something missing in our lives, it’s a beautifully styled store selling a mix of vintage-style, decorative/functional, pretty things, like stationery and haberdashery. They somehow seem prolific in North America! We are definitely on the hunt for charming shops like Studio Carta in the British Isles…

Studio Carta | http://www.shopangelaliguori.com/
97 Boylston Street Brookline {Boston}


Images: Studio Carta via Angela Liguori


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