Hello, Yucca

Last month, it was with great sorrow (and embarrassment) that we finally admitted the passing of the houseplant which came with our rented flat. We had no idea whose it was, where it came from, what to do with it (mainly, we didn’t know if our inventory lease allowed us to get rid of it…), but we chose to adopt it and make our home with the plant. However, despite the best intentions, somewhere between placing it by the fireplace, confusion over the watering schedule and possible lack of sunlight, our hardiest of houseplants (it looked like a spindly yukka, so we called it “Yukka”) died.


Ok, you clearly think we are the worst plant keepers, and there probably is little to deny there. However, we liked the idea of a houseplant and when we were given an actual Yucca by TheJoyofPlants.co.uk to write about, were thoroughly delighted. I mean, we get a second chance, and who can honestly say they get many of those?

TheJoyofPlants.co.uk is an initiative of the Flower Council of Holland, and has some funding from the EU. The aim is to encourage people to learn about plants and the positive effects of having greenery around living and working spaces.

Yuccas are supposed to be very hardy and low maintanence – perfect for those who spend most of their time at work. Known for its pointy, tex-mex style leaves, the Yucca’s earthy tones and deep green leaves can add colour to your home and serve as an eye-tension reliever after long hours of staring at a screen. Since the Yucca originated from desert-ish conditions, it is the ideal plant for us (although we are trying to give it the sunlight it needs, which is tough especially in the winter months). It’s great having something larger than a cactus living and growing in our home!


We’ve decided to name it “Bruce” (we figure if we gave the plant a proper name we’d feel more responsible) and “Bruce” has taken pride of place in our living room. It’s been lovely having a pop of green to come home to, to be honest. Living in a city means greenery is difficult to come by! We’ll keep you up to date on how we get on with this Yucca. Meanwhile, here are some top tips which we are religiously following: Caring for the Yucca

  • Place the plant in a light position, but not in full sunlight
  • Water the houseplant regularly and treat it now and again to some plant food
  • Allow the soil to dry out a little between watering to prevent rot
  • If the lower leaves become brown and wilted, remove them. This will give the new leaves more energy to grow



Images: Courage & Dash (apart from final three photos from TheJoyofPlants.co.uk)


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