Love & Roses When You Least Expect It


I’m really not a fan of Valentine’s Day. I have never celebrated it (except once in school when I was nominated Captain of the Lonely Hearts Club), and have never wanted to.

Today, however, my husband unexpectedly gave me a Valentine’s Card. And actually, it was really moving, and I nearly teared up (I won’t share the contents, quick sick-in-mouth inducing, I imagine!). So I think the thing about Valentine’s Day  is probably the contrived-ness of it all, and how forced it often feels – if it was spontaneous and heart-felt, and if the retailers would stop telling us we need to spend lots of money for it to be a special day, it might actually be a rather lovely affair after all.

Which reminds us of this cute video here which is another project by the Flower Council of Holland (the same guys behind the initiation that led to us getting a new yucca), of a sweet little Wall-E like drone dropping rose stalks randomly. So cute. The Flower Council kindly surprised us with some beautiful roses to style, as part of their Valentine’s Day Campaign (thank you!). We had fun playing with these gorgeous, deep red flowers – their thorny, woody stems are such a contrast to the soft velvety bloom of petals. I could definitely get used to receiving surprise cards and flowers all year round!

We hope wherever you are, and however you chose to celebrate February 14, 2015, you had a lovely time and managed to share some love and be loved.


Images and styling: Courage & Dash



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