Why You Should Have Plants at Home…


If, like us, you live a hectic life, we have the solution for some regular, fuss-free destressing: House plants!

Having potted flowers at home is the simplest way of bringing some zen and green indoors, especially if you live in an urban environment. We have found our flat to be more energised since The Joy of Plants kindly gave us a new yucca (funny story, see here!) and now, these beautiful Royal Pelargonium pots. It’s lovely having some of that wonderful, healing nature at home (and in the middle of busy London) – and it’s a bonus that the Perlargonium flowers are so colourful!

Here are some top tips for caring for the Royal Pelargonium:

1. Keep the plant in a light place

2. Water it regularly, directly into the pot and not on the plant itself (we found these to be fairly thirsty plants!)

3. If you remove dead flowers, the plant will continue to grow new ones

4. After it has flowered in your home, the plant is happy to be placed outside and will add some colour to your balcony or window box until late autumn

5. In the winter, place it in a cool room and give the plant limited water

Have fun!


For more, visit The Joy of Plants



Images/styling: Courage & Dash


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