Lazy days.


Lazy Sundays are what life should be about. Ok, obviously life is more than that, but sleeping in? So good! So underrated! Most days I am up by 5.30am and out of the door by 6am for work, so you can imagine that my morning routine is far from relaxing and in any way ideal!

When I have time, though, I love slow starts. In fact, most weekends, I am in my pyjamas for about half the day (haha!), unless I’m running out of the door to a market or antiques fair! Eventually, when I can be bothered, I jump into the bath (a real treat as I’m usually a shower person!), and then maybe laze around with a book. So good.


The beautiful silk nightshirt I am wearing is from Derek Rose. I discovered them on Instagram and instantly wanted one of their nightshirts. The 100% silk night shirt features the ‘Toile de Jouy’ print, which is inspired by the dreamscapes of Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Young King’, about a Prince wandering through enchanted woods as he sleeps. Do check out their other beautiful kimonos and pyjamas, at


Images: Courage & Dash (not a sponsored post!)




The Adventures of Flappy Bird


You know how you have this new year thing happening so you decide to do things a little differently this year, and mix things up a bit, learn from your mistakes, or just try something new? Well, this year I have decided to embark on more adventures. Such a great word, isn’t it, “adventures”? Makes me think of Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear or Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean. If I had more adventures in 2016, I would be very happy.

In keeping with that aim, I have joined Meetups, subscribed to Time Out, Secret London, and various other things. The thing is, there is so much going on that there is far too much to keep up with! But equally, I guess if I don’t try then I’ll soon slip back into my little routine (which is needed but dull). I found an Owl Experience Day with the English School of Falconry on Time Out and took the husband for a little jolly to Bedfordshire – 3 hours of handling owls and flying them? Yes, please! We were lucky it was sunny, because the day was amazing. Friendly staff, sweetest owls (how cute are they??), impressive falcons/eagles/other birds of prey in the falcony show, sunshine (although it was freezing cold)… it was such a fun afternoon. The School of Falconry has a range of experience days and demonstrations (by the way, England has very strict rules around birds of prey in captivity – the birds are well-looked after!) – do check them out!


Images: Courage & Dash

Upcyling with Rigby&Mac

Rigby&Mac has very quickly become my new favourite go to retail business. I’m not sure how I have only heard of them now since the business has been around for over 20 years??

Rigby&Mac has 3 stores, all based in Dulwich: The dulwich trader at No.9 combines country style with a touch of glamour. Tomlinsons at No.89 has a feminine, vintage feel and proves that pale is definitely interesting. Ed at No.41 is a modern and quirky fusion of Scandinavian design and global influences. I love them all! Rigby&Mac is an Annie Sloan stockist, and they also run upcycling classes at another Dulwich staple, the Volcano Coffee Works. Dan Rigby, one of the owners, very kindly invited us to a beginner workshop last weekend, taught by Lucy (store manager and Annie Sloan-trained) and here is what we got up to…!


We learned how to use chalk paint to get various effects (weathered, washed, aged), and learned to gold leaf our work. There was also plenty of cake! The class was relaxed, and I really enjoyed how approachable and patient Lucy was. We also got to take home the wooden boards that we painted on, so we could refer to the notes we made on the backs of them.

If you fancy a relaxing and inspiring workshop to learn the basics of using chalk paint, do join one of Rigby&Mac’s workshops! They cost £95 and include all materials and equipment (and the Volcano Coffee & Cake!).

For more information, visit Rigby&Mac workshop page here.

P.S: Rigby&Mac turn 25th today and we’ll be there! Back with pictures(:


Images: Courage & Dash

(photographs of class taken with permission of participants)

Off to Rome!

We are off to Rome for a nice long weekend. Can’t wait! Preliminary research and the comments of friends have been encouraging – it looks like such a great city with a real mish-mash of ancient and contemporary in one walkable, diverting city. Here are some of the things we are looking forward to, from blogs on Rome. Enjoy, and we’ll check in soon!


From Top:
A Dusty Green Olive
Kayture: Gelato
Rome Daily Photo
Kayture: Vintage