May I use material from your blog?

Original material on this blog is created and owned by Josephine Mills. You may use one image from the post, as long as you cite Courage & Dash, provide a link to the material, and let us know. The copyrights to any images that have not been created by me belong to the original creators, and remain with them – please maintain original credits!

This is not a commercial blog; I only use images for commenting and reviewing, and always try to cite and link original sources of photos/images. However, if I have done so incorrectly, or if you would prefer an image was removed, then please drop me a note at info@courageanddash.co.uk.

Do you do collaborations?

Yes! Courage & Dash is brand new, and still growing, so would love to connect with people and businesses that share a same interest and ethos. Get in touch at collaborate@courageanddash.co.uk.

Boring bit re. DIYS…

Whilst we always aims to provide all the relevant information and warnings regarding DIYs/How Tos, we cannot be held liable or responsible for any incidents relating to DIY posts…


Courage & Dash will only feature the people, products or places that I genuinely love+ support and that fit with the lifestyle and aesthetic of the blog.

Any items that have been gifted for review/comment will be disclosed as such in the post.

All thoughts + opinions are my own (even if the post is done in collaboration with other brands). I will be honest and authentic in my commentary – if I wouldn’t say the same in real life, I wouldn’t do so here.


Now back to the fun!


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