Autumnal living with Anthropologie

We love Anthropologie. As in, need-to-get-a-mortgage-sell-all-our-possessions-to-fund-a-shop type of love. LOVE! There is no other type of Saturday shop I like than to wander down the Kings Road and into the Anthro store there. Absolute bliss – the decor, the smells, the colours…

Of course, we couldn’t resist sharing the new kitchen/living collections when we discovered them in the catalogue. Christmas is coming, so if you want to score lots of brownie points or are thinking of goodies to request, look no further…!xx


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One year on…

This time last year I married the love of my life and best friend. How truly blessed I am that you are in my life! I am truly lucky to have someone so accepting of all my dreaming and scheming and so loving to me at my best and worst. Here’s to decades and decades more!(: xx

IMG_1706 DSC_3798 IMG_1475 IMG_2667 IMG_1686 IMG_1695  DSC_3837 DSC_4776 DSC_4375


Images: Pui Chan (Love Oh Love Photography) and Evie Winter (

On location with Jason Ingram

Finally, an autumnal post from us! You can tell I’ve been very reluctant to let go of the summer – after a cold+chest infection+getting rained on three times in two weeks (I need to learn about the umbrella…), you can see why!

But it is indeed autumn, and this cold snap is here to say. I have to say, though, that I love this weather. Once I get my head around the new season, I wholly embrace autumn/winter. Think roaring fires, the smell of woodsmoke, twinkly nights, chilly air on your cheeks, cosy interiors… I could go on.

Which is why, today, we join the (very) talented Jason Ingram on location at a Homes & Antiques shoot some time back. We first looked at this in September, when we started thinking of shorter days and cool, dark nights, but it didn’t seem right then. Now, we take inspiration from a beautiful house in the country, with giant fire places, exposed interior beams, wooden shutters, generous sash windows and cozy nooks. Stone floors and white washed interiors add to the rural feel, white chunky knit throws, plush arm chairs create the kind of home you could spend all winter in. Enjoy!

Nonesuch Magazine (13th September 2011)Karen Cull's Home, Winchcombe, Cotswolds (30th November 2012)Karen Cull's Home, Winchcombe, Cotswolds (30th November 2012)6 Canynge Square, Clifton, Bristol (18th September 2012)Marshfields Ice Cream House (23rd May 2013)Marshfields Ice Cream House (23rd May 2013)6 Canynge Square, Clifton, Bristol (18th September 2012)  The Roxy, Axbridge, Somerset (10th October 2012)  Tregulland House (6th July 2012)6 Canynge Square, Clifton, Bristol (18th September 2012) 080911_posthouse-038  080911_posthouse-027 080911_posthouse-026 080911_posthouse-013

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Images: Jason Ingram

Inspiration: Broody interiors and muted pastels? We like!

How many of you have visited Pottery Barn’s Teen section? Ok, we are CLEARLY too old to be using anything designed and intended for teenagers, but we found plenty to like! Some of the items on the site were too young and preppy for our tastes, but there were also plenty of industrial-inspired furnishings, riviera-style decor, and Southern comfort-type interiors.

Pottery_Barn_Broody_Moodboard*Click to zoom in

Today we draw inspiration from broody greys (yes, those days are shorter… and it’s a while before the clocks go back!), autumnal browns and beiges, and nearly-Christmas golds. I have a massive gold/copper crush at the moment. I know they’ve been around for a while, but man, they look so good!

We liked the use of dusty pinks (found all over the runway at the moment!) and whites to lighten up and balance the deeper colours. And does any one else like that bunny lamp? Too cute!

All of the items can be found at Pottery Barn Teens – check it out!

Images: Pottery Barn Teens,