The Curious Shop: Unlimited

Brighton never fails to delight – especially when the sun is blazing, the ice cream trucks are out, and the sea breeze is merrily blowing along. So it was no surprise when we first discovered Unlimited nestled in the pages of June’s ELLE Decoration. The bright colours and crisp white interiors leapt out, and we knew that we had to take a peek.


Unlimited is an independent design shop, gallery and studio based in artsy Brighton. The design studio was founded in 2008 by husband and wife team Patrick and Sara Morrissey. In 2010, they decided to showcase the work 
of a collective of contemporary illustrators, designers and printmakers from their weekly ‘pop-up’ studio shop.

cardigan_cushiondetail DISPLAY_TOP_DETAILmay_window2paul_cushiondetail

Last spring Unlimited were selected to exhibit at Pick Me Up 2013 (the UK’s most prestigious annual Graphic Arts event held at Somerset House, London) which was a huge success, and as such were asked to show again in Spring 2014 at which they proved an even bigger hit! 

They opened their new design gallery & shop in the heart of Brighton’s North Laine to the public in August 2013.


“The gallery & shop has grown organically as a reaction to this. As such we hope it feels more ‘honest’ than engineered – filling a need rather than foisting another venture onto the market,” Sara says. Patrick and Sara continue to work closely alongside each other; Patrick runs the Unlimited design studio, whilst Sara focuses her energies on the shop & gallery – where they continue to sell works from an expanding collective of designers.

unlimited_interior2 unlimited_interior3

Looks like such a fun shop! Do pop in for a visit and tell us what treasures you find.

10 Church St, Brighton BN1 1US

Exquisite Wallpapers + Fabrics from Neisha Crosland

We’ve been thinking about wallpaper a lot recently – ways of decorating with small offcuts, brightening up bookshelves and wardrobes… So I was incredibly excited when I stumbled across Neisha Crosland, a fabric and wallpaper designer, whose work was most recently in Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ (if you haven’t seen the film, do see it! It had mixed reviews but Mr Lurhmann’s twist on the classic was invigorating. It’s also a great, great novel. We love).

Neisha Crosland Rosa, Strata Stripe, Flamenco Fabrics & D.B.Stripe Rug - Residential

Neisha trained in textiles at Camberwell School of Art where she developed her drawing style. She specialised in print at the Royal College of Art in London, and it was there that she experimented with print technique.


Weave Cushions - Mixture 3Pepper Trail

Neisha is a woman of many talents: she has sold her designs to Marc Jacobs and Lacroix, designed a collection of rugs in collaboration with the Rug Company, a range of tiles with De Ferranti, vinyl flooring with Harvey Maria, a collection of hand embroidered fabrics with Chelsea Textiles, and hand crafted stationery through Harris and Jones. What a list!

Neisha Joakim 2011 # 1 High Res

“I suppose I am a bit like a biologist who collects specimens,” Neisha says.

“I collect ideas and motifs and classify them in to designs. I love the way nature organises itself.”

Centipede Stripe - Angel Pink Low

India Mahdavi Monte Carlo Beach Hotel 2

Caterpillar Leaf Black & Cream Hotel Cortiina Munich 1Parterre

Neisha add: “I love the way that colour dictates a mood, and how repeat conducts the rhythm in a pattern. I love relocating motifs and putting them into a new context.”

Parterre Saffron Chair with Cushion Mix and Cocteau Length LowNeisha_Annabel's031006_011Pot Pourri - Curry Yellow Low

Just look at Neisha’s bold, vibrant patterns and energetic colours. Although a small property might do better with plenty of white (or pale) walls and reflective surfaces, a feature wall or corner with these luscious prints could really lift the feel of the place and inject some life to the space. You could even try decorating part of your wall with her fabric.

Gentleman's Cap - Meadow Yellow LowPollen - Emerald LowDomino

Neisha and her team have been having an excitingly busy time colour trialling their new wallpaper collection, so there will be plenty more of this beautiful stuff coming your way soon! Her designs aren’t for the faint of heart, but for a real pop and an easy way of introducing yourself to pattern and colour (especially if you are a little scared of vivid shades!), strips of wallpaper or colourful fabrics in the shape of cushions, used on upholstery, or even framed and hung, work like magic.

Pollen, Rosa and ParterreJacobs TreeLantern

Thanks for sharing your work and inspiration with us, Neisha! We can’t wait for your new collection.

Images courtesy of Neisha Crosland.