Sweetly feasting.


I know Christmas is over, but I just remembered I haven’t shown these to you! One weekend in December, Xin, from Pudding Pie Lane, baked up a storm and we spent all of Saturday catching up, giggling, getting far too sugar high, and playing with Christmas decorations. So much fun! If only we could do this all the time?? Sadly, I am back to work on Tuesday (I know lots of you are too, so we shall be mournful together!), and so no more feasting and lazing. Christmas season is, alas, over (although technically speaking, it’s not over until 12 days from December 25, no?)… for me at least. Until 2016.

Hang in there folks… 3 more working days until the new year.


Images and styling: Courage & Dash; Food: Pudding Pie Lane


Nearly there.


So it’s nearly the end of 2015. Where has this year gone?? So many people I have spoken to have said this year has just flown by. There was a time in which I used to alternate between awesome and dud years – but I’ve lost track as life has gone on. This year has seemed to be one of those with plenty of ups and downs, which I am beginning to realise is just how life is. In the context of all the darkness we have experienced this year (on a global, macro scale, and also on a more micro, personal level – friends who have lost family members, for example), life this year has seemed somewhat tentative and something to be all the more appreciated. This year I have been better at telling those whom I love that I love them, and at holding close those who are dear. I hope I remember to do more of that in 2016.

In light of new beginnings and new growth in the new year, I spent some time reflecting and planning, whilst playing with my new succulents (courtesy of Flowercard) on my lazy Christmas day. I am hoping that 2016 will be a much better year for not killing my plants (see here), by the way, as I am prone to (through no intention of mine!!). We already had some cacti and a couple of succulents, but now that floral gifting service, Flowercard, has given us a whole boxful (which came in a personalised tin – thanks!), hopefully some will last until the end of 2016? One can only hope! I have no idea why I am so bad with plants – any tips and tricks will be much gratefully received!!


Images: Courage & Dash

Succulents pictured from Flowercard, all opinions my own!

Thank you so much and here’s to the best new year yet!

It’s our last post before Christmas, and we just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

We started this blog for various reasons – one of them was from a frustration at the lack of creative outlet with busy city lives/jobs, another was the desire to connect with like-minded people who share our love of styling and interiors and vintage and generally beautiful things. We’ve achieved both this year, to some extent, in the 8 months that this li’l space has been around; we know it was only because YOU have taken the time to pop round and include us in your lives. For that, we are ever so grateful and cannot wait to come back in 2015 with more. We know it will be difficult managing our developing careers and investing in this space, but we have enjoyed it so, and plan to prioritise Courage & Dash as far as is possible.

Banners: Betty Etiquette

Here’s wishing you a lovely Christmas holiday, much rest ahead of the new year, and a productive, meaningful, and wondrous 2015.

Lots of love,

Courage & Dash xx



Images: Courage & Dash

Marylebone, meet Anthropologie!


One of our favourite lifestyle stores, Anthropologie, has continued to spread its expansionary wings in the capital – new destination, Marylebone. We were so excited when Anthro first made its way across the Pond and into London. It was Christmas come early in so many ways – endless beautiful things to desire, (including the store props!), plenty of hidden gems to discover… We always thought if we had our own shop it would have so many elements of Anthro.

Sarah Stopforth, our beloved DIY guru made it to the store opening and had lots of fun. In addition to festive drinks (plenty of gin, we heard!), she also got to try her hand at silver casting and made a pretty snowflake pendant. Not bad!

Enjoy pictures of the evening below (and covet away!), we wish we were there (we were, however, in Turkey, exploring the Aegean Coast, so can’t really complain…)!


33/34 Marylebone High Street, London W1U 4PT


Images: Sarah Stopforth; third last image via Anthropologie blog

We never thought origami could be this cool!


We love Esther Thorpe, founder and creative mind behind Origami Est.

We love her not just because she has the cutest house rabbits that make regular appearances on her Instagram feed, and not just because she turns pieces of paper into amazingly cool 3-d items, but also because at least 10% of proceeds on Origami Est go to Stop the Traffik, a charity committed to helping people find freedom from being trafficked and to raising the awareness of the truth of human trafficking. Love her too, already?

We first discovered Esther’s work in Smug (if you haven’t been yet, you really ought to), when we were there for the shelfie breakfast with Tiff Grant-Riley. I thought the flower balls were ceramic, which shows how robust they have been folded to look.


“I have always been obsessed with paperfolding,” Esther tells us. “A couple of years ago, I decided to start folding bigger ornaments to give as gifts for friends.

“I was getting rather addicted – it doesn’t take much for me to get excited about something! So I decided to write a little blog about what I had been making. To my amazement, people started asking if I could make them to sell!”


“At the time, I was teaching full time, and so I didn’t feel the need to make money from my mini business venture. I have been passionate about supporting STOP THE TRAFFIK for a long time, and it felt right to commit to giving to them through my origami.

“I made me realise how few people know about modern day slavery, so I would try to use Origami-Est as a way of telling people about human trafficking.” What a good idea, Esther!


We’ve been watching, via Instagram, with amazement at how popular Esther’s origami Christmas collection has been, with particular models and prints flying out of her hands as soon as they are made.

Esther shares with us some of her Christmas traditions: “A few years ago, I folded 24 little origami candy boxes together, to be used as an advent calendar. Every year, we fill the boxes with chocolates and a narrative of the Christmas story.

“The boxes are then stacked on the mantel piece, and as each box is opened, they are hung to make a garland.”


Esther has also held origami workshops at the Pop Up Cafe in Kent, and at Smug in Islington. She also takes commissions and wholesale orders. Visit her website for more information, and to get yourself some Christmas hangings if you haven’t completed the decorations yet (don’t panic)! We have a feeling the ancients who invented origami would be pretty impressed to see her modern twist on the art.



Images via Esther Thorpe