DIY: Glitter gem placecard by Berinmade

Some of you might know that we occasionally help out wedding stationer, Berinmade, with blog posts, moodboards, styling, and random bits and pieces along the way. We thought we’d share this gorgeous Berinmade DIY* with you that we helped supply props for – the pinks and glassware are so elegant, and really simple to style for a classy dinner party. Full details here!



*DIY: Berinmade for Love My Dress

Images: Lucy Davenport Photography


DIY: Love

Hello all!

Courage & Dash has been a little quiet this month, but we haven’t forgotten you! We are about to head up to the Lakes in an hour, so the next time we write will be from there. Can’t wait, fingers crossed for sunshine. We are back with another DIY from Hello Pretty Much Design. This DIY perfect for this August bank holiday weekend – simple yet effective, and can be displayed boldly. We love it!


One of my college professors always had us going around searching for inspiration. We were required to find something inspiring or take a picture of something each day and then use it to inspire us on our latest projects. This became such a habit, that I still do it despite not needing to turn in my findings to my professor. One day I was walking through a craft store and saw a really neat piece of artwork for sale. It instantly gave me an idea, and I knew I had to create some artwork for our bedroom.


Today’s DIY tutorial makes use of a really fun product that I love to use: foam board! Foam board is so versatile. It can literally be used for about a million different types of projects. It works really well in for projects when you want to create dimensional artwork or when a lightweight product is necessary.  Today’s project can be created for any room or any occasion. It will work for artwork in your home or for a party decoration.



What you will need:

2 colors of foam board (unless you wish to paint it.)

A template (unless you wish to use your own handwriting)

Sharp Craft knife



Adhesive of your choice

Spray glitter if you wish

Note: Step one and two can be skipped if you would rather use your own handwriting. Simply draw out your word or words of choice onto one of your foam board pieces.FoamBoard_Art03FoamBoard_Art04

Step One:

First, using a document program or perhaps Illustrator, create and print a template. Or if you prefer, you can use your own handwriting. Personally, I do not care for my own handwriting, so I always use templates. They can be so easy to create. I created mine to scale, and then printed it to scale as well in reverse. Then I pieced it together like a puzzle and taped it into place. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect because you can always adjust it as needed.


Step Two:

Cut out your template using your scissors. Don’t worry if it is not perfect. When I printed mine, I used the quick print function so the letters were not quite solid, but it saved a lot of ink. It also didn’t print all the way to the edges.  Once your template is cut out you can trace it on the back of one of your foam board pieces. I find it best to trace a mirror image onto the back of the foam board so that there are not any extra marks or coloring on the front side.

FoamBoard_Art06 FoamBoard_Art07FoamBoard_Art08 FoamBoard_Art09 FoamBoard_Art10

Step Three:

Using your sharp craft knife, cut out the letters from your foam board. Make sure that you push through both layers. Once you have cut out your letters, you may need to clean up the edges. I turned my letters over to view them from the front. It makes it a bit easier to determine whether it looks nice.


Step Four (Another Optional Step):

If you are anything like me, I can’t have enough glitter! I choose to use a spray glitter to coat the letters. You could also use spray paint to change the color of the foam board if you only have one color of foam board. Make sure that if you are painting the foam board, you wait until one coat is completely dry before adding a second coat.


Step Five:

Using the adhesive of your choice, mount the letters to the second piece of foam board. I prefer to use double-sided tape. Foam board is so light that tape is perfect for this project. I like it for this project because it’s easy and clean to use, and it doesn’t require time to dry!

Step Six:

Hang your masterpiece and Enjoy!



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Images: Renay Howey

DIY Appliqué Cushion Tutorial

Making home in a place that isn’t yours (or a place that is yours but brand new) is incredibly fun, although it can be frustrating at times if you don’t have the luxury of an endless Kimye wedding-style budget (we discovered the cost of their wedding here, it’s unbelievable!). You can definitely still have the home of your dreams while being budget-savvy; often, crafting and DIY can go a long way.

Risen HomeHome of Teri Muncey (The Lovely Drawer) via Apartment Therapy

KissKiss-Final3DIY tutorial by Tiffany Grant-Riley of Curate and Display for Love My Dress

Today, Clare and Daria of Less Grafting More Crafting are sharing a fantastic DIY tutorial on sprucing up a cushion with appliqué. We’ve been holding to this one for a while, until their new website was up – and it’s now ready! The duo spend their time running craft workshops and making things; we love the idea of learning new skills, so we asked Clare & Daria to get busy and come up with a doable and fun DIY with a great end product. Enjoy!


Less Grafting More Crafting – Appliqué cushion tutorial


We’re so excited to be sharing our applique cushion tutorial with you today! This project incorporates several of our favourite trends – geometric prints, neon colours and teal – and is something that you could complete on a weekend or over a few nights during the week. With just a few simple materials you can create a gorgeous cushion for your home or for a gift.

You will need:

You will need

• A cushion cover (we’ve used this Brakig 2014 cover from IKEA in a neon lime, which is 50x50cm/20×20”)

• Some contrasting fabric (we’ve used Wobbly Check in Teal from the John Lewis 150 Years collection – a fat

quarter will be more than enough)

• The ‘Oh Happy Day’ template, enlarged to fit A3 size paper

• Sharp scissors

• Pins and a needle

• Some fabric glue

• Embroidery thread (we’ve used Anchor thread No. 169 to match our teal fabric)

• An iron

Step 1


Carefully cut out the letters (don’t use your fabric scissors to do this!) and then pin them onto your fabric. Then cut out around each letter – you might need to fold some of them to do this, especially when cutting out the middles of the letters.

Step 2


Once all of the letters are cut out, iron them on a cool iron to remove any creases. You might need to iron the cushion cover too!

Step 3


Now you need to position the letters on the cushion cover. It’s easiest if you start with the middle ‘p’ of ‘happy’ because this letter should be in the middle of the cushion. You could measure it if you want to be really precise, but we just did it by eye! Make sure that the cushion label on the inside is at the back of the cushion.

Step 4


Once positioned, glue the letters into place. You don’t need to use loads of glue here – the idea is just to keep them where they need to be without having to use loads of pins.

Step 5


Now it’s time to get sewing! Thread your needle with three strands of the embroidery thread and tie the end securely. From the inside of the cushion, thread your needle up through the letter ‘d’ a little way in from the edge, and then thread through the cushion to make the stitch as close as you can to the letter.

Instead of bringing the needle all the way through the fabric, poke it a little way along the letter fabric where you want your next stitch to be and then pull through (see photo – top right corner). This means that you don’t have to keep moving inside and out of the cover, which will make the process much quicker!

Repeat with the other letters, moving up from the word ‘day’ to ‘oh’.


Ta-dah! That’s it – you’re ready to display your cushion. There are so many possibilities with this project; you could mix and match so many colours and patterns!

If you make this project, we’d love to see your creations! Share your photos on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram (@lessgraftingmorecrafting). Pop over to our website for more craft tutorials and inspiration!


Thanks ladies, visit them below…

Less Crafting More Grafting


Must-Try Monday: Five Favourite DIYs


It’s a bank holiday! Woohoo. We have spent the evening watching Salvage Hunters and browsing our favourite websites… Great not feeling the usual Sunday night rush to get to bed! If you haven’t made any plans for tomorrow, we’re here to help with a round up of our favourite DIY How-Tos. Enjoy!

Image1. Repurpose an old cigar box into a pretty, floral jewellery box with Lobster & Swan


2. Splatter away with modern confetti holders by Photowall


3. More confetti fun – this time in bed! with Poppy Talk

Image4. Make a gorgeous Kindle/iPad holder at Take Courage


5. Hang up your posters and prints with quirky wall hangers thanks to The Lovely Drawer

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