Midsummer Day in Finland with Jonna Saarinen

We fell in love with Jonna’s designs the moment we came across them. Think Marimekko goodness, only brand new and upcoming. Exciting. Then we realised one of our Curious Shops, L O I S, stocked her products, and we knew we were onto a winner. 20140621-172404-62644744.jpg
Jonna is a Finnish textile designer and Central Saint Martins College & Royal College of Art graduate. Her work combines influences from Nordic nature and memories of times past, brought together in a variety of items developed by hand drawing, mark making and screen printing. Since her graduation from the Royal College in the summer 2011, Jonna has launched her self titled homeware label, which is the reason we found her!
Since it’s Midsummer (Juhannus) today, we thought it would be perfect to bring you some quick table styling ideas from Jonna using her gorgeous tableware. Definitely set up your table outside if you can! 20140621-103751-38271054.jpg The Juhannus night is known for being very light across Finland – up in Lapland the sun does not go down at all. People decorate their homes with lots of wild flowers and young tree branches, especially birch tree, which can be used in the sauna. 20140621-103715-38235203.jpg20140621-103714-38234783.jpg Traditionally in Finland, the festival is a celebration of light; it is also a national holiday, and is the only day in the Finnish calendar when all the Finnish flags are up through the night until 9pm following day. 20140621-103750-38270819.jpg20140621-103714-38234609.jpg20140621-103715-38235665.jpg Juhannus involves plenty of rituals, drinking (this was meant to bring you good luck with you crops for the following year!!), eating, going to the sauna and dancing. 20140621-103714-38234990.jpg “We also burn big bon fires on beaches across the country, they symbolise success, bring you luck and scare evil spirits.,” Jonna says. 20140621-103715-38235419.jpg “Some of the most common rituals are about finding yourself your future partner,” she explains. “A very common one is to pick 7 wild flowers and put them under your pillow on Juhannus night, and your future lover will appear in your dream!” 20140621-103750-38270625.jpg “Most of the magic spells you have to do naked, like running naked across the meadow in the middle of Juhannus night in order to see you future lover,” Jonna adds. “Very Finnish!!” she exclaims. We think it all sounds splendid. Jonna Saarinen http://www.jonnasaarinen.co.uk   Images by Jonna Saarinen