Learning, Blogging, Doing

Hello there, especially if you’ve just popped on over from Dream Fleur! Very different post on Courage & Dash today.


I’m posting as part of a blog tour. Last month, I (Josie) swung by Creative Live, and April’s class on blogging for creatives was on. Blogging is something that I’ve always been fascinated by and drawn to; like many of you, my thirst for the unique and beautiful was quenched and intensified by famous blogs like decor8, style me pretty, and oh joy, alongside Martha Stewart’s empire. I’d always wanted to have a stylish blog, filled with colours, attractive photos, clever ideas, information about refreshing new businesses. However, life, work, lack of tech savvy always seemed to get in the way.


This time, however, I was glued to my laptop screen as April discussed practical, smart and doable tips for blogging. Her ideas seemed to make so much sense! I was also desperate for a creative outlet (my day job isn’t conducive for that), and watching her classes convinced me now was the time.




So here I am, a month on, part of this blog tour, and thoroughly enjoying every single second of writing for Courage & Dash. I’ve gotten to know some of the most talented design-makers and bloggers, attended the most enjoyable events, gotten to play with social media platforms more than anyone is allowed to in ‘normal life’ (whatever that means!). It’s great! My Pinterest exploits and musings now have purpose.

And I get to share life with all of you, my readers, Facebook page likers, and Instagram/Twitter followers. It’s been so encouraging watching the readership grow, and I hope you enjoy visiting as much as I enjoy posting. I’ve learned lots, and have plenty more planned for Courage & Dash.


Here’s to us, design, and inspiration, and to more beautiful living.


Now hop on over to see Jennifer Ashley’s beautiful blog to read about what she’s been up to since April’s class!


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Images all by Josie (Courage & Dash); “Times are Hard for Dreamers” scroll created by Betty Etiquette; “Do Something You Can” poster found in Makeshift studios

Hello World!

Image credit: Home Remodel Note (http://homeremodelnote.com/)

Hello there! First post, hurrah! We are so excited. This year has already started fly by, but there is still plenty of time for loads of great projects.There isn’t a shortage of blogs out there about interiors, but I thought I would wade in and give myself an excuse to spend endless hours scouring the web and the city for beautiful homes, design, and crafts. Can’t wait!