Battersea is about to be awesome: Hello Loaf Shack!

There were these images of very tasty-looking+brightly-coloured biscuits in the shape of a house, floating around social media, which got us at Courage & Dash very curious indeed – who was sending round these yummy treats and what was this #LoafShack business??

Before too long, we realised what was happening, and we could not have been more excited: Loaf was setting up a show-house in Battersea, filled to the brim with their gorgeous furniture/furnishings, to make something of a ‘home’ which you could enjoy. Excited too?

Loaf - Atticus sofa from £1,195 high res

If you don’t yet know Loaf (and for our international readers!), the company is an interiors brand which sells colourful, laid back, and cosy furniture/furnishings. This autumn, the brand will be opening its first ‘Loaf Shack’ showroom, which is basically 7,500sq ft worth of pieces for every room of the home (including signature beds and sofas). Unlike most showrooms, at Loaf Shack, you will be encouraged to get comfy and experience the furniture in action.

Loaf - Dixie sofa from £1,395 high resLoaf - Footstools from £395 high res

In fact, there will be an ice cream parlour in the showroom, and even a mattress-testing area! Perfect for that much-needed midday snooze (lucky if you live/work nearby). Whilst the Shack isn’t open until Autumn, Loaf’s latest mid-season collection is available now – check out some our favourites (we love those colours and plush seats!).

Loaf - Shortbread bed from £795 high-resLoaf - Scatter cushions from £25 high-resLoaf - Happy sofa from £1,395 high resLoaf - Orson sofa with removable cover from £1,195 high res1Loaf - Pudding sofa from £1,195 high res3

Stay tuned for the opening of #LoafShack!

For more inspiration, visit Loaf at, or tweet/Facebook/instagram@LoafHome.

Images: Loaf


Autumnal living with Anthropologie

We love Anthropologie. As in, need-to-get-a-mortgage-sell-all-our-possessions-to-fund-a-shop type of love. LOVE! There is no other type of Saturday shop I like than to wander down the Kings Road and into the Anthro store there. Absolute bliss – the decor, the smells, the colours…

Of course, we couldn’t resist sharing the new kitchen/living collections when we discovered them in the catalogue. Christmas is coming, so if you want to score lots of brownie points or are thinking of goodies to request, look no further…!xx


For more homely goodness, visit

Images: Anthropologie EU

Real Homes: Visit Jennifer’s elegant living space…

So excited!!! The wonderful Jennifer Ashley of gorgeous lifestyle blog, Pretty Little Details, is showing us round her home today!

We met Jennifer on the blogging course we wrote about earlier in the year. Since then, her blog has been a source of inspiration for recipes (um, sweet & spicy maple pecans? Yes??), style (Sequins!!! Parties!!!), and lots more. Her photos are stunning – light and airy and full of life. We are hooked. You will be too.

Off we go now to Jennifer’s home!


The overall feel of my house is modern and glamorous. It took a while to convince my husband when we were renovating to include some of the more girly accents but we both agreed on a soft grey colour pallet with natural textures and touches of aqua. My favourite room is probably my office, because it’s so bright and girly!

Office 3Office 4

Office: Instead of buying a desk for my office, I opted to find an oversized dining table. I love that it gives me tons of space for whatever project I am working on, whether it’s blogging, sewing, scrapbooking… whatever!

Bedroom 2Bedroom 3Bedroom

Bedroom: I think white sheets are romantic and I love these textured ones from West Elm. Because the bedroom is a space I share with my husband, we kept things pretty neutral with a few subtle feminine touches.

Living room 2

Living room 1Living room 5Living room 3Living room 4

Living room: I love throw pillows! They are such an easy way to update a room, and can add so much fun and colour. Right now, I’m loving these aqua blue quatrefoil print pillows (by Colin & Justin via Homesense) mixed with the soft mongolian lamb pillows (from West Elm).

Front entrance 2Front entrance 3Front entrance 1Front entrance 4

One of my favourite styling tricks is adding height and dimension to decor piece by placing them on top of stacked books.

Back entrance 1Back entrance 2Hallway 1Dining room 1Kitchen 1 Kitchen 2 Kitchen 3Master BathOffice 2Office 1


OMG. We love. There is so much in here to be inspired by – the pairing of deep colours and cheery pastels, the collection of belongings so artfully displayed, the use of pale, neutral interiors to expand the space… We love the large crafts table and the marble top kitchen surface. And those shoes??? Thank you so much, Jennifer, what a delight!

For more of Jennifer Ashley’s style, visit


Images: Jennifer Ashley

Real Homes: At Home With… Emily Quinton

I had the chance to meet the lovely Emily Quinton – mother, blogger, crafter, business owner, photographer, wife (in no particular order). I’m beginning to realise that I’ve been incredibly fortunate to meet so many talented women who seem able to juggle all these demands on their time and energy! But that’s for another post.

emilyquinton 053

Emily is best known for her blog, Makelight (previously The Startup Wife), through which she shares her loves, life, and thoughts. Her photos are beautiful (she used to be a photographer), and my favourite has to be the Floral Friday Competition (you post photos of flowers on instagram tagged #floralfridaycompetition and she selects a winner), which features tons of beautiful and creative floral images (e.g. here).

FloralFridayJune 48 FloralFridayJune 50

Photos by @supergolden88 (left) and @bibliophile90 (right) via Makelight

We wanted to show you what Emily’s home was like, and how a creative mind like hers styles her living space. As you would expect, it’s full of colour, and life, and quirky accents. What we love the most though, is how liveable and lived in her space is. While we LOVE styled shoots, and the rooms on magazine covers, we groan at the thought of how life would almost ruin those scenes (for example, where do all the wires involved in a modern room go in the photos?? If my room looked like a magazine cover, I would never be able to use an electrical appliance…). Enjoy!


EmilyQuinton 1emilyquinton 004EmilyQuinton 2

Living Space

emilyquinton 010emilyquinton 003emilyquinton 062emilyquinton 036imageimage-2image-1emilyquinton 022

Cooking/Baking/Eating Space

emilyquinton 035emilyquinton 020

Children’s Space

emilyquinton 047emilyquinton 043emilyquinton 002emilyquinton 067emilyquinton 041emilyquinton 044emilyquinton 045

Resting/Creating Space

emilyquinton 050emilyquinton 052emilyquinton 053emilyquinton 054emilyquinton 055emilyquinton 046emilyquinton 057emilyquinton 058emilyquinton 049emilyquinton 017emilyquinton 064emilyquinton 065EmilyQuinton 5


PS: Little secret… Emily’s home is actually rented! Isn’t that great?

Thank you for showing us around, Emily!

See what else Emily is up to at


All images by Emily Quinton