Fantastic Friday: Makegood Festival

Ok. If you weren’t at the Makegood Festival on the Saturday just gone, WHERE WERE YOU?? You’d better have been doing something wildly exciting to justify missing out. It was SO. GOOD.

mainMakgegood Festival at the old Selfridges Hotel

Makegood Festival is the platform for students of the School for Creative Startups to put into practise all they’ve learned about managing their creative business and selling their products. It’s a normal retail fair, but held in the cool old Selfridges hotel site (which has been gutted and lined up for demolition, so a very cool venue), and showcasing the newest and latest creative ventures. The reason we love it so, at the risk of overhyping it, is because the festival had such a range of high quality stalls. Plus it had the buzz of a university freshman week fair (can anyone remember what those felt like? We got quite nostalgic).

fuggleMrs McGettrick’s Fuggler Emporium

Some more established fairs risk feeling samey and predictable after time, but not the Makegood Festival, simply because by definition every Makegood is a display if new creative start ups, i.e. cutting edge, novel businesses.

We were so glad we went and met with such lovely designer-maker-entrepreneurs. It was tough to pick our favourites as there were so many at you would have loved, but we tried, so here are top finds.

1) Ink Bandit (where have you been all my life??)




2) Pomp Pomp (children’s party supplies – look at the yummy cupcakes)




3) Fanciful Pages (beautiful stationery, beautiful packaging, beautiful everything…)




4) Betty Etiquette (purveyor of cards, text, paper… quick fix of stationery goodness, I could go on…)




5) Suitcase Susie (global travel inspired porcelain range; delicate and stylish)




6) Salt and Buoy (Cornwall/coastal-living inspired soft furnishings; look at those colours!)



Sorry to stop at a bit of a non-rounded number, but we couldn’t choose! So here are our top 6. Some of them will be making a reappearance on Courage & Dash, so stay tuned…

Also, well done all of you at the Makegood, we were SO IMPRESSED!!!

Images by Josie (Courage & Dash)


Chelsea Flower Show Series: Flowers + Letterbox = …?

We are so pleased to be featuring Bloom & Wild as part of our Chelsea Flower Show series. Not sure when or how we first discovered them, but we were immediately enamoured with the idea of fresh flowers as often as you wanted, without the hassle of running over to the florist’s (or market, in our case, because we are flower market fiends) or settling for store-bought flowers (which, to be fair, could really be much worse!) or worse still, not being able to be home to receive the delivery!


It’s been a month since we first signed up; Thursday evenings, when the flower parcel comes, have been pretty exciting. Here’s how it works: You subscribe to floral deliveries and pick a) the theme of your flowers, and b) a day (or days) of the week when you will receive the blooms – think Graze or LOVEFiLM, but pretty. You also choose how often you want them, e.g. every week, once a month, etc. We get ours every two weeks. Bloom & Wild send you your flowers in tip-top condition (we marvel at how well they travel), packed in boxes designed to fit through a standard UK letterbox.


According to Nathan from Flowers by Nathan (previously at Wild at Heart), flowers can last up to 2 weeks if you take great care when preparing the stems for display, and if you are diligent with providing fresh water for the flowers. Admittedly, we haven’t been that good at Courage & Dash, but our flowers have lasted for nearly 2 weeks now!


Bloom & Wild’s flowers last longer because the company has made an effort to cut flowers to order and reduce middle-men and transit time along the way. This means the bouquets you receive will have been cut only 3 days before. Nice.

We asked Bloom & Wild to share some thoughts on decorating with flowers:


What are your top tips for decorating with flowers?

1. Allow your creativity to blossom!

2. Experiment with different vases/containers and choose the container to fit the flowers, not the other way around.

3. For a pleasing arrangement, stick with one colour and choose flowers of various tones.

4. Find the best place in your home/work environment where the flowers will take centre stage.

5. Buy seasonal flowers.

How do you ensure flowers last as long as possible?

Make sure vase is as clean as possible, finishing with a rinse of bleach to get rid of any soap. Clean stems thoroughly of leaves so there are no leaves at all that will be in the water. Cut stems at an angle, and re-cut stems every 2-3 days. Use flower food in the water, and keep your display away from sunlight and sources of heat.


What kinds of containers could you use if you don’t have the right vase?

Recycle jam jars, bottles, tins, teapots, scour car boot sales and flea markets for interesting vases and containers.


Apart from arranging flowers in vases, how else can you use flowers in your living spaces?

Display single flower heads floating in water, or display single or a couple of simple stems submersed in water (we like this idea!). You can use a few stems in a large decorative vase instead of a full bouquet to mix up the look, and remember to also buy flowers for their scent for an added dimension to arrangements. For a great DIY hanging display idea, check out the Bloom & Wild blog.

Favourite Summer flowers?

All white flowers are on trend for this summer, as they are fresh, elegant, and of course really versatile. Team them up different textured foliage to make an interesting arrangement. White flowers look great in any decor setting, and don’t forget to use them for al fresco dinner parties.


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Images courtesy of Bloom & Wild