Real Studios: A Sleek, Calming Studio with Lily + Spice Interiors

main studio

It’s been a while since we last brought you a real studio! Today, we are in the studio of Amanda, owner & founder of Lily + Spice Interiors. Amanda is a freelance stylist and wife/blogger/crafter (we love featuring amazing women!). We stumbled upon her Instagram feed and thought we really ought to see more of her living/working space.

Lily + Spice Interiors is an online resource that provides interior decorating services online, at a more affordable budget than hiring a traditional designer/decorator – this also means that no matter where you are in the world, you can consult with Amanda and her team to create a beautiful space of your own. We thought we would pick Amanda’s brains and get some top tips off her for style, managing clutter, and being inspired.

deskinspiration board

What inspired the colour scheme of your studio?
I tried to keep with my Lily + Spice colour palette! When we first designed our site we decided on black, white, raspberry and turquoise. So that is what I worked with….of course with pops of silver as that is my go to metallic!

How would you describe your style?
I have always been a big modern and rustic combined lover but have a new found love for more of a Scandinavian style as of late. I really love almost anything!

sheepskin rug

How do you piece together your inspiration for decorating?
The simplest most honest way to answer this would be to say that I follow my eye. When I am working on my client’s designs I get into what I describe to my husband as a ‘zone’ and it all just comes together for me somehow.

Tidy as you go along or have a big clean/tidy every now and then?
I don’t like ‘stuff’ so would say that I tidy as I go, usually!!!! I am also very sentimental especially since having children so I might tend to hold onto more than I should these days – eeep! (Courage & Dash: We hear you!!) 

So… where do you keep all the things that inspire you?
Good one! I have albums on my phone and computer full of favorites and I would also have to say that Pinterest is a keeper of a lot of my inspiration as well. I love this organized way of paperless storing, it is so great!

you got thisboard

How do you deal with a styling/decorating/DIY disaster?
Hmmm, good question. I was going to say that I haven’t had one yet so didn’t know how to reply. BUT I have. Recently. I just kept trying and trying again. Finally got there!

What are some tips you have for design-lovers who are currently renting?
Play with your accessories, add fun pops of colours, move things around often and don’t be afraid to ask the owner if you can paint. I find that paint can make or break a space so why not ask?!

Thanks for showing us round, Amanda!


Images: Efraser Photo (via Lily + Spice Interiors)