Snuggle down with Twig…

Now that the clocks have (finally!) gone back, the dark comes much sooner than before. When I was younger, I used to really dislike shorter days – a weird sense of futility and of things ending before their time would fill me, and I would find myself unable to be enthusiastic about anything (to be fair, I was fairly energised by the thought of coffee with friends, less so by the prospect of a 4.30pm lecture…). Now, however, I love the nights drawing in so much that I almost spend half of early autumn wishing time away.

On that point, I was delighted to discover Twig – not only did I win a ticket to Kirstie Allsop’s Handmade Fair off them, I got to meet founder/owner Sue Lacey at the Fair, and play with the cosy Twig throws. THEY ARE SO SOFT! Mmmm.


Since 2010, textile designer, Susan Lacey has been creating cushions, throws and home accessories for Twig. Sue combines natural fabrics (all of Twig’s products are 100% lambswool, made in the UK) with contemporary design and soft tones, so it really does feel and look like sinking into a cloud (or cotton candy) when you flop down on those cushions or snuggle down into a billowy throw. Perfect for winter.


At the Handmade Fair, we learned from Sue that Twig had been running mainly as a wholesale business, but now, she was taking the leap to becoming a retail, direct to consumer business! Hurrah! Good news for us all.

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Visit Twig at for more inspiration and to get your hands on some cuddly lambswool goodness.


Images: Twig UK


DIY: Custom iron-on pillowcase

Hello there!

We just got back from an amazing weekend in Lille for the Braderie – it totally lived up to all the comments we read about it on the internet. Salvage galore! If, like us, you love flea market hunting, you should stick the date in your calendar for next year – only 1.5 hours away from London and a beautiful city too. We’ll be back soon with a guide to the Braderie!

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A quick DIY today, as we revisit our love for gold vinyl… enjoy(:



Things you will need:

Iron on vinyl
Cushion with cushion cover
Printed lettering for chosen word


1) Remove the cushion cover from the cushion


2) Choose word and type into word in chosen font using word art


3) Print lettering on plain paper and check it is the right size for the cushion

4) Make sure you reverse the image of the word!


5) Cut and trace around lettering or copy onto the backside of the vinyl


6) Peel off the protective lining (on the back side of the vinyl)


7) Check the lettering fits nicely onto the cushion


8) Turn lettering the right way around, with the preferred side facing up


9) Place a towel of piece of fabric over the top of the lettering for protection

10) Iron over until the lettering is sealed onto the cushion cover

11) Finished! Now put it somewhere it will look fabulous!


Et voila! The sky is the limit for all the fun texts and pictures you can customise your pillowcases (and other fabrics with)…

Have fun!!xx

Images and instructions: Sarah Stopforth

Maker Monday: Caslon & Co.

We carry on our ‘Meet the Maker’ series with a wonderful find; wonderful because their designs are so attractive! And wonderful because their printing techniques blew our minds.


Meet Caslon & Co., textile designers and print creators using antique printing blocks and a little Adana printing press. So much to love in that one sentence!


Andrew Rouse, creator and owner of Caslon, felt that it would be a shame to let old printing blocks become a thing of the past. Inspired by typography on old music hall or circus posters, he set about with his team to reinvent ways of using the old printing blocks.





Thus was born Caslon’s range of unique homeware fabrics and accessories. Caslon has come up with novel ways of using a single pattern to create new motifs for their textiles, and there is plenty to love. We’ve got a bit of a thing for their floor cushions (so versatile, such soft colours), and oven gloves (so sugary!).


Caslon recently launched their new Waves collection, which moves away from their earlier pastel, macaron-coloured items. Waves carries on their bold prints, using stronger, more striking colours.






We think it’s so clever how they’ve managed to turn even the humble doorstop into something so sleek and stylish!


We think Caslon are a winner. Do check them out and let us know what you think!

Images courtesy of Caslon & Co.