Maker Thursday: Colourful, hand-printed fabrics inspired by global travel…

We bring you another maker/designer from across the Atlantic to love: Graymarket, the creation of Hallie Gray. Graymarket is the answer to all your linen (bedding, bath, and table) needs, made from beautiful fabrics designed by Hallie. The textiles feature colours and patterns that echo traditions from her travels all over the world.


After completing degrees in International Relations and Textile Design, Hallie Gray found herself with a love for simple, scaled-back design and an immense respect for the textile traditions of artisans around the world she’d encountered on her travels. She became intrigued with the idea of combining these two elements to create fresh, modern textiles and accessories, and luckily she managed to find some workshops that were up for the collaboration.


And thus was born Graymarket Design, through this network of many skilled, loving craftspeople.

Graymarket features individual pieces created through direct collaboration with the workshops – the textiles are designed in California (like your iDevice!), and the textiles are produced in small batches by the artisans. Block-printers, weavers and embroiderers… all traditional disciplines and all features in Graymarket textiles…

CashmereScarves Header3

“I have a deep respect and appreciation for traditional textile techniques, and feel very committed to helping create a market that can help support and preserve these practices,” Hallie says. “I also prefer the aesthetics of fabrics that have been hand printed or woven- I find a lot beauty in imperfections and irregularities, which are inherent in any textile made with human hands.”


When she’s not designing and making, Hallie spends her time outside as much as possible. “I love being outside, and recharge by hiking, rock climbing and doing yoga,” she says. Her environment is pretty energising. Up in West Berkeley, CA, she is surrounded by factories and warehouses, intermingled with small wineries, studios and an active railroad.

“I find it a really authentic and inspiring environment where it’s easy to be productive and creative. I started Graymarket Design about a year ago, and it’s been an exhilarating (and humbling) journey so far!”


“Getting the chance to work with and learn from different artisans and create a space where different textile traditions come together has been really amazing,” Hallie shares.

Chevron1 Pillowcases Placemats table setting

Look at those colours! I am adoring the mix of print and pattern, as well as the wide range of tones. Something for every season, and every occasion. Want some of those herringbone patterned, pink napkins above…

For more of Hallie’s creative work, visit

Images: Kara Brodgesell


Sunday Style: Styling Ideas with Divinely Vintage

Hello! Did everyone enjoy the glorious sunshine? We went to bed on Friday evening think that we were going to wake up to a tropical thunderstorm on Saturday, but no! After a brief (torrential) shower, the sun came out and shone in all its glory all weekend.

vintage fabric workroomVintage workroom (from Pinterest, no source)

On Thursday, we hopped over to Newark for the IACF Antiques & Collectors fair. It was our first time, but it was a fantastic time. There are some photos on Instagram, but we decided to keep our cameras away while wandering around the hundreds and hundreds of stalls. Got some fantastic buys, but that’s not what today’s post is about. On the subject of old treasures, we’ve brought you some great ideas about styling with old fabrics, from Divinely Vintage.

homelifeBeautiful vintage floral prints from Home Life

liberty vintage fabricVintage Liberty fabrics from Gold on My Shoulders

Divinely Vintage sources and sells curtains and fabrics from bygone eras, when florals and detailed patterns featured heavily. These vintage fabrics are like hanging pieces of artwork, and not only can they be used as curtains but as furnishing fabrics too! Sue from Divinely Vintage kindly took some time to show us how you can use these fabulous fabrics to add a rustic charm to your home. Nadine from Spinney Cottage Flowers styled these beautiful images for your enjoyment! Take a look…

Blog 10

Sue’s outdoor day bed in her garden – doesn’t that look so comfy? What a cosy place to retire to with a book. Even if you don’t have an outdoor space, these pillows and cushions can bring the outdoors in…

Blog 9

Blog 8

Blog 7

A closer look at this beautiful, colourful, oriental style fabric, perfect for the outside with all its floral goodness. The fabric has been cleverly turned into a French bolster; it can also be used on cushions and seating pads…

Blog 6

Take the bolsters and pillows inside to brighten up your bedroom…

Blog 5

Blog 4

Divinely Vintage is always on the look out for curtains and fabrics to add to their collection. They have recently started stocking their curtains in various shops, and are possibly coming to us in London! Hurrah!

2nd Blog 1

2nd Blog 2

You can also use these colourful and bright textiles as throws for your sofas (Yes! No more dull, rental furniture, instant cottage feel).

2nd Blog 4

2nd Blog 3

2nd Blog 5Sue and Nadine of Spinney Cottage Flowers who styled these photos

Feeling inspired yet? If you don’t have any vintage or floral fabrics, visit the Vintage Fashion & Accessories Fair at Hammersmith Town Hall this Sunday, 15th June, from 10am.

Thank you so much, Sue and Nadine!

Images from Divinely Vintage

Maker Monday: Caslon & Co.

We carry on our ‘Meet the Maker’ series with a wonderful find; wonderful because their designs are so attractive! And wonderful because their printing techniques blew our minds.


Meet Caslon & Co., textile designers and print creators using antique printing blocks and a little Adana printing press. So much to love in that one sentence!


Andrew Rouse, creator and owner of Caslon, felt that it would be a shame to let old printing blocks become a thing of the past. Inspired by typography on old music hall or circus posters, he set about with his team to reinvent ways of using the old printing blocks.





Thus was born Caslon’s range of unique homeware fabrics and accessories. Caslon has come up with novel ways of using a single pattern to create new motifs for their textiles, and there is plenty to love. We’ve got a bit of a thing for their floor cushions (so versatile, such soft colours), and oven gloves (so sugary!).


Caslon recently launched their new Waves collection, which moves away from their earlier pastel, macaron-coloured items. Waves carries on their bold prints, using stronger, more striking colours.






We think it’s so clever how they’ve managed to turn even the humble doorstop into something so sleek and stylish!


We think Caslon are a winner. Do check them out and let us know what you think!

Images courtesy of Caslon & Co.